We are on a mission to enable women leaders to grow & shine with purpose and impact, thereby being an inspiration to the lives that they touch upon. A three day highly interactive and exhaustive workshop that will enable and nurture the leaders to unleash and discover the creative genius within them, empowering them to be highly effective Leaders and also being able to balance life and beyond.

Key Learning Obejctive

  • Lead with authenticity, by identifying the personal
  • values and vision that they derive the greatest
  • meaning and fulfilment from and seeing how they fit
  • within the organizational culture
  • Create a platform for bold and sustained action that
  • pushes them to their highest potential
  • Communicate and project themselves with confidence and influence
  • Learn how to be Emotionally Intelligent Leaders
  • Build a repertoire of skills, tools and techniques for
  • self-coaching themselves out of any perceived
  • limitations and into greater freedom and fulfilment
  • Find fun and energizing ways to balance the multiple
  • roles they play in their life and career
  • Building the brand “YOU” – Boost your personal magnetism
  • Defining success – Your way! Celebrate
  • Empowering and contributing to fellow tribe members – Pay it Forward
  • How to deal with Sexual Harassment at workplace

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