Courses Offered

We offer world-class training & development with a unique model that is focused on each individual’s needs and experience and draws on the very best specialist trainers, consultants and resources. With training+ we not only offer you training but we ensure your classroom learning’s are implemented through our unique engagement model, which in turn will get you better ROI.

Why are we so confident about our corporate training courses?

Because, clients who implement the information get results, not just in the short run but because it becomes engraved in the corporate culture, they also get long term results. Using the most advanced accelerated learning techniques our trainers guide participants through a series of hands-on exercises designed to get the participant to experience change.

Leadership Development

Organizations have always needed leaders who are good at recognizing emerging challenges and inspiring organizational responses. That need is intensifying today as leaders confront, among other things, digitization, the surging power of data as a competitive weapon, and the ability of artificial intelligence to automate the workplace and enhance business performance. Yoogma has developed several standard leadership development programs. Each program can be tailored to fit your organization’s needs.

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Leading Winning Teams

Successful teams are created when the leader provides a clear sense of purpose while focusing on building an environment where members are empowered, motivated and challenged and where individuals feel their strengths are being acknowledged and fully utilised.

The 2-day, highly interactive live workshop provides leaders the psychology, knowledge, and skills required to build winning teams and become outstanding leaders, based on an experiential learning model.

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Leaders in Lipsticks

We are on a mission to enable women leaders to grow & shine with purpose and impact, thereby being an inspiration to the lives that they touch upon. A three day highly interactive and exhaustive workshop that will enable and nurture the leaders to unleash and discover the creative genius within them, empowering them to be highly effective Leaders and also being able to balance life and beyond. Key Learning Objective

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Customer Service Excellence

The Service Excellence program is designed for frontline customer service staff, team leaders and managers to learn how to manage customer expectations and drive service improvement.

Service Excellence is a results-oriented customer service training program that gives your customer service teams the skills and confidence to convert prospects into customers.

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