MAY 23, 2013

About 2013

Most fraudulent activity goes untried. In many cases, it goes undetected. The cost of that fraud is often passed on to customers, constituents or owners. With the advent of next-generation networks (NGN), and telecom fraud scenarios becoming increasingly technical and complex, the global fraud threat looms even larger over the industry. We will witness traditional telecom fraudsters being joined by members of the finance, IT and IP "hacking" fraternities in a converging fraud ecosystem. Sophisticated fraudsters will focus on the value (content) of business transactions whereas conventional fraudsters will continue to exploit the plain vanilla fraud types related to voice fraud.

This 1 Day Next Gen Fraud is the can't-miss event for anyone involved in the prevention, deterrence or detection of fraud. From the informative and inspiring sessions to the multiple networking opportunities, you'll walk away with the skills, connections and resources you need to take your fraud investigations to the next level.


Fraud Becoming more Sophisticated & Organized - Impact of Cyber Crime
Frauds and Ways to Tackle it, Are you Equipped with the NextGen Fraud
Intellectual property fraud, Counterfeiting and Piracy - Attacking Indian Corporate.
Functions most Vulnerable to Frauds
Is your business - high dependence on technology, large transactional data in electronic form, as well as the confidential information?
Having an effective Technology Framework to mitigate futuristic Fraud.
How to Prevent Misconduct by Identifying and Managing Individuals or Environments Prone to Fraud