MAY 18th- 2012

Conference Focus

“Empowering SME India-2012” road show is a specially customized platform for SME to explore business partnerships options and ideas in domestic & international markets with opportunities to present business project presentations to panel of bankers, venture capitalist and private equity partner who will bring in all their expertise and support to help you develop potential businesses. Empowering SME India-2012 will reach across to SME in western region covering three cities, i.e. Nagpur, Ahmedabad & Pune on 18th May 2012, 24th May 2012 and 31st May 2012 respectively and provides an opportunity to showcase their businesses and connect with high net worth investors seeking start-up investment opportunities.

Welcome to the SME Conclave 2012 - Empowering SME in India.

We are pleased to invite you for SME conclave 2012 road show which is designed to guide and direct SME’s on how to increase present business turnover with knowledge sharing in domestic & international markets business converges. The conclave has a dedicated platform for every SME business to showcase presentations to fund new projects, business expansions, machinery/ raw material purchase, operational loan, acquisitions and fund for every business needs.

SME sector is the strength of present day economy and one of the most important segments for any nation. These SME’s have fostered the Indian economy’s competitiveness in an increasingly challenging global economic picture.

This conclave will educate SME with practical guidance to emerge stronger and entrepreneurs can explore potential business regions, industries and companies by interacting one-to-one with carefully selected practitioners, consultants, bankers and SME business experts.