AUGUST 21 to 24, 2013

About 2013

Creativity and innovation are vital for businesses exposed to globalization, increasing competition, diversity among, consumers and rapidly changing technology. Tomorrow's competitive success is based on today's cutting edge creative / innovative ideas and rapid delivery of these ideas to market / consumers. But with an average failure rate of 30-50% in new product development, getting the right idea keeping in mind the Main Parameter Value (MPV) to market / consumer as efficiently as possible is critical to your business success.


R&D investments continue to be under more scrutiny as sluggish economic conditions stall and the pressure to do more with less persists across multiple industries. How can you ensure that your R&D dollars are being spent wisely? If your company is like most, innovation is likely a top priority but few metrics are in place to effectively measure its payback. "According to Boston Survey - April 2010 *: After a pause in 2009 that reflected companies growing concerns about the economy, Innovation is once again a top priority amongst companies'. 61% of companies plan to increase their innovation spending while only 8% plan to reduce it".

This highly acclaimed Innovasia Summit will bring together top R & D, Innovation & Intellectual Property thought leaders and advanced industry practitioners to discuss the current trends and latest thinking on what strategy should be included in your company's R & D, Innovation & Intellectual property for accelerated growth and profitability.