NOVEMBER 24 - 25, 2011

Why Compensation, Benefits & Remuneration Conference?

Compensation and benefits account for the single largest expense in most companies. As company seeks stability in an uncertain economy, there is a critical need for corporate leaders to become fully aware of these costs and evaluate the effectiveness of their rewards programmes.  Leading companies today are finding ways to gain greater control of their overall human capital costs and to optimize its returns while sustaining the highest level of employee engagement more timely than ever. Compensation, Benefits & Remuneration Conference will explore the newest developments and challenges arising from the current global economic downturn and how to structure total reward programme in line with corporate objectives while sustaining the company’s competitive advantage. This timely conference will address the key topics of compensation and benefits in an unforgiving environment whilst suggesting innovative methods for motivating, maintaining and explore some of the challenges faced by HR professionals when designing and planning compensation, benefits and expatriate management strategies.

Top Focus Areas and Snapshots of the Event.